XPT-Berlin Speed Cushion

( Product Code : P- 756440 )

Product Description

  • 2000/3000(L) x 1800(W) x 65(H)mm
  • Extremely durable UV resistant rubber
  • Economic, stable and waterproof design
  • Non-slip surface conforms to European SRT48 standards
  • Highly suited to emergency vehicles and public transport vehicles
The XPT Berlin speed cushion provides excellent traffic calming for busy towns and cities. The speed cushion is made from extremely durable UV protected rubber, perfect for use in urban areas. Each cushion comes in a 4-piece design for fast installation in approximately 2 - 3 hours per kit. Berlin speed cushions also come with moulded 3M reflective markings to boost visibility to drivers.
Product Features
Bolts included
Easy Installation
Locally Manufactured
Granulated Recycled Rubber
Product of the EU
Low Carbon Footprint
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XPT-Berlin Speed Cushion