How to install Flexible Bollards

Before installing flexible bollards be sure to carry out a thorough risk assessment of the area.
To install the flexible bollards follow the general guideline below:

  • To install flexible bollards measure the area in question and leave appropriate space
    between each one. Flexi bollards are generally 1 metre apart, however, distances can
    vary based on the area.
  • Mark the ground for the bollard by placing the bollard where you intend to install. Use a small drillbit to drill a small pilot hole for each hole on the bollard.
  • Once done, remove the bollard and drill the hole using a full sized drillbit. For the
    Flexbrite bollards we recommend a 16mm drillbit.
  • Once all holes are drilled insert the rawlplugs into the holes. Insert the bollard back into position and tighten all screws into place.
  • Be sure not to overtighten the fixings to avoid breaking. Repeat as necessary for
    further bollards installations.

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