Types of
Flexible Bollards

Plastic bollards

These lighter duty bollards are perfect for temporary or permanent delineation. They are ideal for places where pedestrians and vehicles need to be protected, like car parks or private premises. Plastic bollards are low-cost and usually come in a two-piece design for easy installation on-site. They are lightweight, yet durable. They are cost-effective to replace if damaged.

Rubber bollards

These medium duty bollards are ideal for long term delineation solutions. Rubber bollards will bend on impact to reduce the risk of heavy damage to vehicles or assets. Hi-vis reflective markings help with boosting visibility in the area and reduce the risk of traffic accidents.

What are Flexible Bollards used for?

Flexible bollards are used for on-highway and off-highway delineation. Using the bollards will guide drivers on public roads or in car parks. They can also reduce the risk of traffic accidents. If impacted they will bend and absorb the damage to the vehicle and the bollard. Flexible bollards are designed to self-right and spring back into position following impact.

FAQ’s about Flexible Bollards

On-highway flexible bollards - fully rated for use on highways, suitable for motorways and dual-carriagways.
Off-highway - not-suited for motorway use. Suitable for public roads, car parks and private premises

Flexible bollards are generally made from plastic, rubber or steel. Plastic bollards usually include a base and spring system to allow the bollard to bend on impact. Rubber bollards come in a one-piece design and will bend on impact to absorb damage. Steel flexible bollards are best suited to industrial environments where they can protect against forkflifts and other work vehicles.

Install flexible bollards in areas where delineation is required. Flexible bollards can be used to highlight corners, juncitons, traffic lanes and more.

Most flexible bollards will include reflective markings to boost visibility. Our Flexbrite bollard range includes RA2 Oralite® reflective to boost visibility. The Impact Recovery Systems bollards also include 3M reflective sheeting, ideal for day and night delineation on European and worldwide highways.

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