Types of
Wheel Stops

Rubber wheel stops

One of the most effective ways to bring vehicles to a stop. Rubber wheel stops are made from highly durable recycled rubber material. The rubber design makes them much more durable than concrete designs and easy to replace or reinstate if needed. They are also equipped with moulded reflective markings to boost visibility and aid with driver parking.

Truck wheel stops

Specially designed to bring LGVs and HGVs to a stop in loading bays or freight depots. The robust design means they won’t bend or deform from regular vehicle movements. The sloped surface on the rear of the truck wheel stops prevents vehicles from getting stuck while parking.

Plastic wheel stops

Lightweight kerbs designed for cars and light commercial vehicles. Single piece plastic designs are lightweight, making them easy to install on site. Plastic designs are extremely durable and will not break or corrode like concrete or steel options.

What are Wheel Stops used for?

Wheel stops are used to bring vehicles to a stop in parking spaces or loading bays. Bringing the vehicles to stop safely reduces the risk of vehicle collisions and protects assets from damage. Use wheel stops to reduce the risk of costly repairs to vehicles or infrastructure.

FAQ’s about Wheel Stops

There are several measures you can take reduce the risk of your wheel stops being trip hazards. Ensure the area is well lit so that the area is visible to all drivers. Only install wheel stops into defined parking spaces or bays in the area where all drivers will see them.

Rubber wheel stops are ideal for almost any indoor or outdoor parking project. Rubber is much more durable than any other material and can contour to uneven surfaces for easy installation.

Generally wheel stops will be installed approximately 900mm back from the top of a parking space. However, it is best to carry out your own risk assessment of the area to ensure this is sufficient for your project.

The markings on our Park It Wheel Stops and XPT rubber wheel stops are moulded into the kerbs. Avoid cheap alternatives that have markings stuck on with adhesive.

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