The Most Visible Speed Bump


When it comes to road safety no stone should be left unturned. Every step should be taken in order to protect drivers and pedestrians alike. Having the proper traffic calming systems in place helps to reduce the risk of accidents on roads and in car parks.
Speed bumps can help to reduce the speed of cars and trucks on roads. However, the design of the bump itself can be crucial when it comes to performance.

The excellent JSP Ridgeback™ Speed Bumps have been made with the utmost in road safety in mind. The speed bumps design alone provides several benefits for both the installer and the drivers in question. With high visibility and easy installation, the Ridgeback has become a firm favourite with UK traffic calming solutions.

Low speed, high visibility

The Ridgeback is sure to be seen in all lighting conditions. The thermoplastic retro-reflective markings use glass beads for high visibility with vehicle headlights. There are 8 reflective markings per mid-section and 1 per end-cap – motorists won’t have any excuse for missing these speed humps. Ensure all drivers see them in place and reduce car speeds on roads, car parks and more.

Speed Bump installation doesn’t get any easier

The Ridgeback system employs a single design for the mid-section and the end-cap. This makes it much easier for contractors to install on-site. All you need to know is what distance you are trying to cover. No male or female pieces – just straightforward installation. Faster installation means jobs and projects can be completed quickly and roads or car parks can get back to normal easily.

Safe and Secure

The built-in interlocking system provides a stable and robust installation from the get-go. Each mid-section and end-cap uses integral connectors to join pieces together with ease. The bump will remain stable during regular use. The strong design means it is highly effective with trucks and can be used as a HGV speed bump.

Need to protect hoses and cables? No problem.

The integral cable channel can protect cables up to 4cm x 2cm in diameter. Simply run the required cables through the channel before the sections are bolted down. The end caps also use a cut-out section to allow the cables to pass through and keep the cables tidy at all times. This is ideal for industrial type environments or to help avoid taking the ramp up if there is scheduled works in the area.

Available in 50mm or 75mm high

Choose the Ridgeback™ Speed Bump Kit 50mm for regular traffic (both cars and HGVs). Choose the JSP Ridgeback™ speed Bump Kit 75mm kit for a more severe bump and where there is an immediate danger to pedestrians.

Use Speed Bumps to reduce the risk of road accidents today. Call our sales team for more information on our full traffic calming and speed humps range.